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Metropolitan Police Department

The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia has a unique role in that it serves as a local police department, with county, state, and federal responsibilities. It is under a municipal government but operates under federal authority.

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DOJ-CRM – 1400 NYA

The “Bond Building” upgrade for the DOJ was designed and constructed in conjunction with 1301 New York Ave. The Criminal Division offices featured improvements of approximately 350,000 SF over two buildings.

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DOJ-CRM – 1301 NYA

In conjunction with “The Bond Building,” the offices for the Department of Justice at 1301 New York Ave were completely renovated including improvements over 150,000 SF of space.


Department of Justice-OCIO

The DOJ-OCIO offices had a particular sector that was looking to renovate their existing space. We created a design that was more open, both with lower height surfaces and plenty of glass.