Bartram Dental

The design objective was to create the illusion of visiting the Dentist as indicative of being taken on a journey into the Spanish countryside, both a nostalgic and serene experience.

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Alexander Dental

The building exterior was designed with a modern aesthetic with elements of an industrial style and simplicity. Clean simple lines capture the rustic materials that detail the building’s windows and entrance.

Caven Dental_013_WEB

Caven Dental

Inspired by the customization of his iphone, Dr. Caven wanted to create a ‘smart office’ that was modern yet still paid tribute to the past. The office boasts his proud lineage of Dentists.

Georgetowne Park Endodontics - 1

Georgetowne Park Endodontics

Georgetowne Park commissioned VA-Spaces to transform a dated office from the 1980s into a modern, high-end, condo-style office featuring a 2nd floor mezzanine.

Blue Water Dental_022_WEB

Blue Water Dental

Blue Water Dental wanted to create a warm, inviting office with the strong use of water themes. Blue hues and decorative ceiling elements were employed to achieve this effect.

Dr. Jennifer L. Woodside, DDS - 1

Dr. Jennifer L. Woodside, DDS

Charming, fun, and whimsical with a jungle theme and tree limbs positioned over the open bay chairs, the environment created was playful and welcoming to patients.

Sleep Services of Maryland - 4

Sleep Services of Maryland

The vision was to provide a hotel-like atmosphere with upscale amenities for overnight patients. The use of soft colors and warm woods provides an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.