Bartram Dental

With double story height interiors and batten ceilings and decorative wrought iron chandeliers, the design objective was to create the illusion of visiting the Dentist as indicative of being taken on a journey into the spanish countryside, both a nostalgic and serene experience.

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Alexander Dental

The building exterior was designed with a modern aesthetic with elements of an industrial style and simplicity, conducive to the late Bauhaus style. Clean simple lines capture the viewer’s attention as well as the rustic metallic and wood materials that detail the building’s windows and entrance.

Caven Dental_013_WEB

Caven Dental

Inspired by the customization of his iphone, Dr. Caven wanted to create a ‘smart office’ that was modern yet still paid tribute to the past. The office boasts his proud lineage of Dentists with a beautiful family tree.

Georgetowne Park Endodontics - 1

Georgetowne Park Endodontics

Georgetowne Park commissioned VA-Spaces to transform a dated office from the 1980s into a modern, high-end, condo-style office featuring a 2nd floor mezzanine.

Miller Orthodontics - Park City - 4

Miller Orthodontics – Park City

M2O is the fourth collaboration between VA-Spaces and Drs. Robert and Juliana Miller. A recent move to Park City, Utah, created the need for a unique space that would stand out in the community.

Arlington Center for Dentistry - 4

Arlington Center for Dentistry

Located on the 3rd floor of a 4 story building, the design intent for the new practice was to provide a modern and sleek design that would appeal to the young urban clients of the Arlington Metro.

Blue Water Dental_022_WEB

Blue Water Dental

Blue Water Dental wanted to create a warm, inviting office with the strong use of water themes. Blue hues and decorative ceiling elements were employed to achieve this effect, much to the client’s delight.

Dr. Jennifer L. Woodside, DDS - 1

Dr. Jennifer L. Woodside, DDS

Charming, fun, and whimsical with a jungle theme and tree limbs positioned over the open bay chairs, the environment created was playful and welcoming to patients.

Sleep Services of Maryland - 4

Sleep Services of Maryland

The vision was to provide a hotel-like atmosphere with upscale amenities for overnight patients. The use of soft colors and warm woods provides an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.