• Location: Sterling, VA
  • Square Footage: 4,040
  • General Contractor: Corenic Construction

Throughout the world, Rolls-Royce is synonymous with elegance and refinement. It was with this concept in mind that VA-Spaces set out to design an open and bright space where the cars are the stars of the show. Collapsible Nanawall Glass was implemented for form and function, ideal for entertainment and for moving the massive vehicles. With luxury and hospitality in mind, a beverage and coffee bar was constructed, featuring one of Europe’s premiere coffee makers, TopBrewer. The center of the showroom boasts a VIP lounge where prospective buyers can relax in comfort while surveying the myriad of options for a future luxury car, such as fur floor mats or customizable paint.

Rolls-Royce prides itself on world-class design and requires a nature element as part of its standards. With that in mind, VA-Spaces partnered with Designs Adrift to create a driftwood sculpture that sprouts from the ground and canopies the showroom. This dramatic piece was a first for the car company and aligns with the luxurious standards of Rolls-Royce.