• Location: St. John’s County, FL
  • Square Footage: 6,500
  • General Contractor: The Angelo Group

Bartram Dental Center is a Family Dentistry practice in St. Johns County, Florida, servicing the local community. Unlike previous dental practices such as Elite Smiles, this was both a base building project as well as an interiors project. This was VA-Spaces first base building project working with local developers, The MEEK Companies in Jacksonville Florida. The exterior design was based in the roots of Mediterranean Revival Architecture with hints of Coastal St. Augustine design and signature elements to the Fountains of St. John development. Monochromatic Stucco exteriors and spanish tile roofs and elaborate scalloped column tops adorn the structure, while the interiors reflect that of a modern spanish hacienda that is both bold and elegant. With double story height interiors and batten ceilings and decorative wrought iron chandeliers, the design objective was to create the illusion of visiting the Dentist as indicative of being taken on a journey into the spanish countryside, both a nostalgic and serene experience.